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My Story

Hello!!!  I am happy to share my story with everyone.  I am a stay @ home mom of 2 kids----married to an awesome guy who supports me and my hobbies.  I was always looking for a business I could be successful at...allowing me to continue to stay home with my babies.  I have tried a few things with no big success.  When I was introduced to Scentsy many years ago....lets just say I was hooked.  I became a Scensty consultant in Feb. 2009 and have succeeded more than I ever imagined.  It is nice to have extra cash to have a pedicure or a "nice" haircut without disrupting the family budget.  However, my 'spending' money has grown into more of an income--and I know now that I will not have to go back to work.  Staying home with my kids is something I will never have to give up!! thanks to the success Scentsy has given me!! Take a look around and enjoy Scentsy as much as I do!! Thanks for stopping by, Naomi